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Art & Design

Art & Design

Every Bible Verse design was created by our Head designer and Founder Gary Padilla. Each design is developed to visually bring the most inspirational Bible verses to life and capture the essence of the verses powerful simplicity.

"I wanted the designs to be clean, yet powerful, as in a page right from the Bible itself.

   There are many wonderful Christian Bible Verse products available on the market now. Many of them are very ornate. Filled with filagre and the newest printing techniques to create dashing fashion statements.

I choose to keep the single color designs clean and crisp, to allow the reader to absorb the verse and create their own personal image in their mind and heart. Many Christians have a personal "go to" Bible verse that has an image beyond design. That is more powerful than any design I could imagine or create." gary padilla  

The designs are printed in low volumes so we can monitor quality control and add new designs regularly.   In God's time, maybe we will eventually have nearly the whole Bible designed into a line of products to inspire all who read them.

Although the Bible Verses are God's Word and can be used by All, we ask that you respect the time, effort and prayer that went into each of our designs and do not copy and reuse any of our personal designs of the verses.

The final and most exciting step is to make them available to Individuals, Groups, Churches and Organizations to "Spread the Gospel".

Thank You Again and God Bless your Evangelization Journey.

Please pray for us as we will be praying for each of you.

   Gary & Kristi Padilla